There are too many packages. For each shipment we always use new ones with consequent energy consumption for their production and disposal.


Recycling packaging that is intact and in perfect condition is both a waste of human resources used in their management and a waste of energy. Recycling is one of the most energy-intensive activities.


Reusing the boxes of suppliers still in perfect condition to ship new products reduces costs but above all it is a concrete action that contributes to environmental sustainability and energy saving.

Who we are

A community of

The community of “Collective boxes” is made up of ecommerce and companies that want to reuse the packaging received from customers / suppliers to ship their products. By registering, you have the right to apply the “Collective boxes” sticker on recycled boxes and thus be the architect of ecological reuse for the good of the planet.

How does it work

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Apply the sticker to your recycled boxes and start reuse

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